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Tonnage Report in ExpressMarine

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

From version 4.9.6 a Tonnage Report is included in ExpressMarine. Download the latest version of ExpressMarine under Download in the menu to be able to create a Tonnage Report for your projects.

To be able to create a Tonnage Report in ExpressMarine, you need an ExpressMarine model containing a vessel with volumes assigned to Gross Tonnage (GT) and Net Tonnage (NT). If you find yourself in a situation where you do not have an ExpressMarine model with assigned GT and NT volumes, you can either use a premade model provided in the latest tutorial or you use the latest tutorial to create your own ExpressMarine model. Either way you download the tutorial and end up with a model ready to create a Tonnage Report. The premade model is called ExpressMarine-SSI-Tutorial and is located in the folder named Solution. For detail instructions about how to create a Tonnage Report go to chapter 19 in the latest tutorial. Download the SSI ShipConstructor conference workshop tutorial by clicking the button Download tutorial.

The Tonnage Report created in ExpressMarine first shows the calculations for Gross and Net tonnage. Then it shows the different compartment types, and lastly you find 3D geometry showing the volume compartments for Gross Tonnage and Cargo.

To inspect the report layout, you can download the Tonnage Report for the vessel created in the workshop held at SSI ShipConstructor conference workshop here:

If you would like to download the other tutorials available for ExpressMarine you can find them under Resources and Learning in the menu.

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