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ExpressMarine 5.2 – New release!

Version 5.2 of ExpressMarine have been released.

Now ExpressMarine supports ShipConstructor Genesis 2024 R2.1 API. It is now possible to define stiffener endpoints for ShipConstructor Export.

In addition to this there have been many small changes to the GUI to make it more user friendly compared to version 5.1.

New in this version:

-          Possible to define stiffener endpoints for ShipConstructor Export.

-          Added Sea density to the main parameter list.

-          Added Project name and date to the Tonnage report.

-          Added Right click menu option: Generate and Regenerate for Planes, Girders, Floors, Bilge Plates, Docking plates, Bulkheads and Pillars.

-          Autofill Origin, Start and End for Framing system.

-          Mandatory Main Parameters marked with *.

-          Now it is possible to close the model from Rhino and get save options.

-          New and better limit algorithm.

-          New option: rename adds and deducts for volumes when renaming the parent volume region.

-          New option Volumes – to clear child nodes.

-          Possible to create inclined pillars with adjusted pillar ending.

-          Added stiffener profile HP160x10.

-          New highlight color for Framing System


Major bugfix related to:

-          Framing system, major bugfix related to storage of framing definition.

Minor bugfixes related to:

-      Faceplates.

-      Hide/show in tree.

-      Flipping of HP stiffeners.

-      Reflection for volumes

-      Limits

-      Stiffeners update

-      Tonnage report, setting decimals.

-      Naming convention.

-      CoG calculation in Volumes

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