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Reseller Americas (ex. Canada)
& Far East

ShipWeight USA, LLC

Bruce Hays


Reseller Canada

InnovMarine Inc.

Levis, QC



Reseller rest of the world


150, Rue de Goa

06600 Antibes, France



Price Summary

Pro Version

For professional ship design companies 

Full functionalities, no limitations in terms of model size and tailored customer support are offered in a state of the art package which will enable your design department to operate at top efficiency level.

Small Craft Version

For small teams and freelance boat designers

The core features of ExpressMarine are available as a discounted package to support small companies and freelance boat designers to grow. The 3D models cannot exceed 24 meters in any direction, the number of decks is limited to 3 and customer support is only available by email.

Educational Version

For students and universities 



  1. Scope of Services. During the period for which the Customer has purchased Maintenance and Support (M&S) (the Term), B&A Software (BAS) will provide Customer the following Standard Maintenance Services for the Software:

    • Correction of substantial defects in the Software so that the Software will operate as described in the applicable BAS published Software Product specifications listed in Attachment A, or in the case of Custom Software Products, to the Custom Software Product specifications mutually agreed to in writing by both parties.

    • Periodic updates of the Software that may incorporate (i) correction of any substantial defects, (ii) fixes of any minor bugs, and (iii) at the sole discretion of BAS, enhancements to the Software. These updates will be available for download from the software website.  

    • Ten (10) hours customized technical support consisting of telephone, and electronic mail consultation, between the hours of 9:00 am and 5 pm, Central European Time, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays, and frequently asked questions (FAQ) through the BAS website, to assist Customer in the operation and application of the Software. Additional “customized” technical support during the Term will be billed to Customer at $150 per hour. This ten hour limit does not apply to technical support related to software bug fixes. This allotted amount of customized technical support will expire at the end of the term of the Agreement.

  2. Services Not Included. Standard Maintenance Services do not include:

    • Charged-for-Enhancements that are offered, at BAS` sole discretion, to Customers upon payment of a license fee;

    • Custom Programming Services;

    • On-site support;

    • Training; 

    • Hardware and related supplies

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