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Reseller Information


You must be a Rhino reseller in order to be eligible to become an ExpressMarine reseller. To become a reseller, you must order the ExpressMarine Reseller Kit.

The price of the Reseller Kit is €5100.- / $6000.- and includes

• 2 Not-For-Resale Licenses of ExpressMarine (Pro Version)
• €5100.- / $6000.- credit towards future For-Resale licenses

Configurations and List Prices

ExpressMarine is sold in the following configurations. Please contact us with any questions regarding this.

Reseller Pricing

The Reseller discount is based on the number of licenses of each product that you order.


Quantity 1 - Discount 25 %

Quantity 2 or more - Discount 35 %



Orders are placed through a Master Reseller:


Reseller Americas and Far East

ShipWeight USA, LLC

Bruce Hays


Reseller rest of the world


150, Rue de Goa

06600 Antibes, France




We always strive to provide our customers with timely, unlimited technical support, and we expect you to do the same. We will provide technical support to you, or directly to your customers if you so request.


Please keep current information regarding ExpressMarine on your website, or current links to ours.

Becoming a Reseller

To become a reseller, please click here to send an email request. Be sure to provide complete contact information that you would like to have listed on our website:

• Company Name
• Sales Email and Phone Number
• Support Email and Phone Number
• Website Address
• Territory that you would like to be listed under


Once we have approved your request, you will be provided with a link to purchase the Reseller Kit, and we will list you on our website.

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