ExpressMarine 4.9

inlcuding Export to ShipConstructor*

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*Export to ShipConstructor reqires ShipConstructor Enterprice Platform

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Supports weight and CG export to 

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”With ExpressMarine, we can quickly create and update 3D structural models as our design evolves”
-    Vard Design, Norway

Pro Version

For professional ship design companies 

Full functionalities, no limitations in terms of model size and tailored customer support are offered in a state of the art package which will enable your design department to operate at top efficiency level.

Small Craft Version

For small teams and freelance boat designers

The core features of ExpressMarine are available as a discounted package to support small companies and freelance boat designers to grow. The 3D models cannot exceed 24 meters in any direction, the number of decks is limited to 3 and customer support is only available by email.