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The most Efficient 3D Modeling Tool for Parametric Marine Structures

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*Export to ShipConstructor requires ShipConstructor 2020 R1.1 or later and SC Enterprise Platform 2020 R1.1 or later

Supports weight and CG export to 

Pro Version

For professional ship design companies 

Full functionalities, no limitations in terms of model size and tailored customer support are offered in a state of the art package which will enable your design department to operate at top efficiency level.

Small Craft Version

For small teams and freelance boat designers

The core features of ExpressMarine are available as a discounted package to support small companies and freelance boat designers to grow. The 3D models cannot exceed 24 meters in any direction, the number of decks is limited to 3 and customer support is only available by email.

How does it work?

Reinventing parametric design!

ExpressMarine takes a fresh approach on parametric modeling. A combination of mathematical and graphical parameters set the base for the 3D model. This forms the ship's DNA from which the entire structure is developed. Changes made at this level will propagate down the hierarchy and allow interdependent elements to morph accordingly.

Strategic parametrization

Prioritizing efficiency, ExpressMarine allows the use of parametric and non-parametric elements in the same model, thus minimizing the disadvantages of the fully parametric approach, where modelling time is wasted on thorough definitions of certain parameters which may never be used later.

Simply use Rhinoceros to model complex geometries or import and transform them into an ExpressMarine structural object.

Export seamlessly to other tools

Taking advantage of the Rhino's power to export numerous file formats, ExpressMarine enables seamless transfer of geometry to other tools, making it an ideal pre-processor for detail engineering, FEM testing, weight tracking, class drawings, etc