Reimagine Rapid Modeling of Ship Structures in Rhino


Free Live Webinar – April 2

Learn how parametric structural modeling with ExpressMarine can jump-start your ShipConstructor project.

Close up 1 EM.PNG
ExpressMarine model
Close up 1 SC shaded grey.PNG
Imported into ShipConstructor with Properties

In this one-hour live webinar, you will see how the ExpressMarine structural modeling plug-in for Rhino is used to rapidly create a 3D parametric model of the structure, with the ability to easily make changes that flow through the model. Beginning with a hull model, we will demonstrate how to create decks, bulkheads, floors, frames, stiffeners, cutouts, etc., with associativity and parametric rules. See instant updates of weight and center of gravity of modules and the entire ship, and export of the data to ShipWeight and a BOM. 


You’ll see how you can use your ShipConstructor stock material library while building the model, and then export a complete, attributed model to ShipConstructor, potentially saving hundreds of hours of modeling time. 


You will learn:

  1. How to initialize an ExpressMarine model    

  2. How to create objects that are associative to 2D drawings (e.g., a General Arrangement)

  3. How to create repetitive structure through parametric and associative rules        

  4. How to create non-repetitive structure, such as stringers on the shell       

  5. How to export to ShipConstructor 


Attendees will be provided with information to download a free trial of the software and access to exclusive pricing offers.