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Jun 8, 2018

Cannot use Space Navigator in Rhino 5




I just bought a Space Nevigator, but found it cannot work in Rhinoceros 5 in my laptop. I have installed the 3D mouse Software and there is a "3D Mouse Home" on my screen. Do I need to have further installations to activate the mouse? Or should I click open anything from Rhino? I am a bit worried...


Any help will be apprecited.


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Thank you.


















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  • rcthmihn
    Jun 8, 2018

    HI, I was working in Rhino3d and was having trouble using my G502 Logitech mouse. Somehow my spacepilot pro was interfering with the normal controls of my logitech mouse. I could only scroll up to the outside of a building but not scroll any further to go inside with my logitech mouse. I had to unplug my spacepilot to continue. Has anyone else had this problem? I did not find the spacepilot intuitive enough to do this efficiently with it. That, said the regular mouses functions should not be affected when the spacepilot is plugged in. What is the solution? Any help will be apprecited. I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. References: Business Solution marketing Thank you.
  • rcthmihn
    Apr 13, 2018

    Hi, I am working on a client site. And for a few days now, i'm facing this error. I don't know what this means and how to fix it. Please help."This page didn't load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details." This is in a wordpress website that i'm working on. For more details Creative Advertising Video
  • rcthmihn
    Mar 6, 2018

    Hi there, Windows does not come with the drivers necessary to configure and use all network / WiFi, Internet connection hardware. Download the drivers for your computer on another machine and move them by Thumb drive to the computer to be configured, install them and generally you will be back online in a jiffy. Please help. I did not find the right solution from the internet. References:- VPN Platform Examples Thanks